Hunter Testimonials

Father/Son Turkey Hunt
By: Kalen Richardson, Arkansas
Kalen and his son had another great hunt during the spring Kansas Youth and Archery season.

2009 Kansas Archery Hunt
By: Jason Olson, South Dakota
Jason had to think fast in order to harvest this sneaking whitetail. This buck showed up right under his stand as if he grew out of the ground. One great shot and Jason ended up with this 160 class Kansas Whitetail.

Happy Texan
By: Larry Kehlenbrink, Texas
Larry harvested a nice buck during his 2010 Kansas Archery hunt.

2009 Turkey
By: Brian Wamsley, Ohio
Brian tagged out on two nice Toms during his Archery/Gun Kansas Turkey hunt.

2007 and 2009 Deer
By: John Minor, Kansas City
John shot this trophy whitetail on the third day of his Kansas Unit 14 Deer Hunt.

2008 and 2009 Muzzleloader
By: Charles P, New York
Charles shot this 150 class buck during the 2009 Kansas Muzzleloader season. It proved to be a tough hunt this year as most of the bucks were nocturnal, but this great trophy appeared in the field during the last fifteen minutes. A well placed shot stopped this Kansas Whitetail in his tracks and ended another great hunt for Charles.

Two Hour Archery Whitetail Hunt
By: Damon Moore, Texas
Damon shot his first whitetail with a bow in under two hours during the first day of his hunt!

2009 Deer
By: Hunter Payne, Kansas
Hunter shot his first buck ever in under two hours during the first day of his hunt.

2007 Kansas Archery Hunt
By: John Akin, Arkansas
John shot his largest whitetail deer ever in 2007. He's counting the days to come back and better it.

2008 Turkey Hunt
By: Scott Haeger, Washington
Scott and his wife, Sherry, shot the biggest turkey he's ever harvested and then toured the area around Council Grove.

2008 Husband and Wife Turkey Hunt
By: Roger A. Hoofman, Arkansas
Roger and Angie hit a window of perfect weather for their Kansas Turkey hunting trip. They both tagged out in three days of hunting.

Lost Giant in 2007
By: Steve Ferguson, Ohio
Who says buck fever doesn't exist. Steve lost a 180 class trophy whitetail during his Kansas Whitetail hunt after practicing all summer.

2006 Archery Whitetail Hunt
By: Michael DeLoach, Texas
Michael shot this 137" buck on the second day of his 2006 Kansas Whitetail hunt.

Turkeys since 2006
By: Steve Brown, Missouri
Steve has had great success over the past three years chasing the long beards of the Flint Hills.

Turkeys since 2003
By: Dewey Rhodes Jr., Louisiana
Jed and his group have been turkey hunting in Kansas since 2003 with high success rates.

Deer/Turkey since 2005
By: Skip Markland, Ohio
Skip and his group have hunted with us since 2005. He's been very succesful in the past and hopes to continue that trend in 2007 for both Kansas Whitetails and Kansas longbeards.

Turkeys since 2006
By: John Sandwick, New York

2006 Turkeys
By: Mel Walker, Florida
Mel and his friend enjoyed a succesful Kansas Turkey hunting trip in 2006.

2005 Turkeys
By: Mike North, South Dakota
Mike and Mark score on 4 Kansas Toms during their Turkey hunting trip from South Dakota.

2005 Archery Deer Hunter
By: Chet Loar, Michigan
Chet was unsuccesful on his 2005 Kansas Whitetail Hunt but is scheduled to come back in 2007.
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