Hunting Testimonials


Skip's Turkey

Jed and his group have been turkey hunting in Kansas since 2003 with high success rates.


Muzzleloader Hunt

Charles shot this 150 class buck during the Kansas Muzzleloader season. It proved to be a tough hunt this year as most of the bucks were nocturnal, but this great trophy appeared in the field during the last fifteen minutes. A well placed shot stopped this Kansas Whitetail in his tracks and ended another great hunt for Charles.


Tad and Glen

Tad and Glen have had two great Kansas Turkey hunts in the past and have already booked their hunt for 2008. Tad was unsuccessful in his 2006 Archery hunt, but he saw the "monster" three times and could never get a shot at him!! He's planning on coming back ASAP to find his own trophy whitetail.


Scott's Turkey Hunt

Scott and his wife, Sherry, shot the biggest turkey he's ever harvested and then toured the area around Council Grove.


Father Son Turkey Hunt

Ken brought his Dad for his first turkey hunt. Norm harvested a nice Kansas Tom on the second day of his hunt and tagged out on the fourth day with a jake. Ken shot two Toms during his hunt in Kansas.


Twin Lakes Trophy Hunting, LLC offers trophy whitetail hunting and turkey hunting on small to large tracts of ground around Council Grove.



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