Hunter Payne's Deer Hunt

Hunter Payne's Deer Hunt


When my Dad came home and told me that you and your wife had given him a hunt and showed me your business card I was so excited all I could do is pump my fist and say YES YES YES. I watch all of the hunting shows on TV and have always dreamed of being able to go on a hunt like the people on TV. I talked to my Dad every day about our hunt asking questions and telling him that I was going to shoot a big buck!! He warned me that it was still hunting and we would be lucky to even see a big buck let alone shoot one. Well I was right!!! The friday we were leaving I got out of school a little early and my Dad called you to let you know we were on the way. When he told me that we were supposed to hurry up because you were excited to get us in a blind that day I started shaking. My nerves were out of control. When we got there and you showed us where the blind was set, we had to walk out to it really slow because there were does on the ridge about a couple hundred yards from the blind. We were only in the blind about 10 minutes when an 8 point came out of the timber about 50 yards from the blind. My Dad wanted me to take him, but I told him to settle down, I was waiting for the big one. It was well worth it to pass on the 8 point because at about 5:20, the buck I had dreamed of walked out of the timber. My Dad said are you gonna shoot this one? I looked at him through the scope and said OH YEAH!! He was at about 120 yards, I put the cross hairs on him and pulled the trigger. He didn't take a step. My Dad and I were jumping around in the blind hugging eachother. I cant wait for the deer to get done at the taxidermist!! I also got some really cool pictures of the ducks and geese from the deck of the cabin. Thank you so much for the hunt of a lifetime!!

Hunter Payne 


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