Happy Texan

Happy Texan

John is a down to earth guy and a bowhunter's hunter. The facilities are great and there are deer everywhere; in fact I saw 8 different bucks one morning alone. My wife gave me the option of an elk hunt or Kansas whitetail this year, I went to Kansas and was really glad I did. My 9 point put on a show for me like everyone sees on TV. He worked a scrape, rubbed on a tree, responded to a grunt call, and strutted in to the shooting lane when I grunt / wheezed. Fifteen yard shot and dropped within 25 yards in sight. He was not the biggest bull of the woods but on that Tuesday morning, he sure thought he was. Sometimes it's not the trophy, sometimes it's the hunt. This time it was the hunt and I'm 100% sure that next year when I'm sitting in that tree stand on one of John's properties, it will be the big one. I think I may have found my new annual hunt. What a place and what a great operation. Thanks John.

Larry Kehlenbrink - Matthews Drenelin 

College Station, TX


Twin Lakes Trophy Hunting, LLC offers trophy whitetail hunting and turkey hunting on small to large tracts of ground around Council Grove.



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