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John, 6/5/2008

Wed like to express our gratitude to you for the world-class turkey hunts that my wife, Angie, and I experienced at Twin Lakes Trophy Hunting this year. The adrenaline charged hunts were exhilarating, and some of the best in my 26-year career of chasing turkey gobblers!

This was our first trip to Kansas. We found the folks of Council Grove and the surrounding area very friendly and down to earth. You provided us with enough information to put us on the turkeys and the rest was up to us. This is just the way we like it!

The scenery was beautiful, filled with rolling hills of grassland separated by cottonwood draws. Additionally, the young corn fields and timbered creeks presented great turkey and deer habitat. The terrain provided an excellent chessboard on which to match wits with both Rio Grande and Eastern turkey gobblers!

The Native American history of this part of Kansas and the spirit of the pioneers who settled there is a strong heritage. As I hunted, I somehow connected with the presence of this spirit, and viewed the landscape as if through their eyes. The woodsman inside me came to the surface as I wondered what it would have been like to live among them and experience their culture.

On the first morning of our hunt, Angie and I called up four mature Rios and harvested two of them. It was a flash hunt with lots of gobbling! That afternoon, we roosted a nice turkey that was gobbling hard into the twilight. The next morning, we called him from the roost and got to see the whole show, as he strutted and gobbled in the open prairie. His aggressive charge to our decoys was a testimony of his dominance in the turkey world! He was a 22- pound Eastern with a 10- inch beard and 1- inch hooked spurs. It was one of Angies best turkeys to date!

On the afternoon of our second day, we observed several gobblers go to roost in the edge of a large timbered hollow surrounded by rolling green fields. They gobbled off the roost like they were throwing a party as I planned my approach for the next morning.

On the morning of the third and final day of my hunt, I slipped into position at 4:15 AM and setup about 60 yards from the turkeys that were already gobbling in the dark! They gobbled at every sound in the night and increased their intensity an hour later when dawn arrived and other turkeys gobbled in the distance. By the time they flew down, my ears were ringing with gobbles! It was the most gobbling I have ever heard on a turkey hunt!

I experienced the strut and gobble show for the second consecutive day, and harvested a big Eastern that weighed 26 pounds with 1- inch spurs and a 10- inch whisker, at 6:18 AM!

Four longbeards of two different subspecies in three days! Turkey hunting doesnt get any better than our experience at Twin Lakes Trophy Hunting! Angie and I would like to say thanks again for the opportunity! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Roger A. Hoofman
North Little Rock, Arkansas (501) 539-0658

By: Roger A. Hoofman, Arkansas

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