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I have hunted wild turkeys for the past seven years in multiple states, and the property owned and leased by Twin Lakes Trophy Hunting, LLC, is the best habitat that I have yet experienced. Even though we were six weeks into the 2008 Kansas spring season, each parcel of private land we hunted had an abundance of birds and offered a variety of terrain that made our hunting and setups both interesting and challenging. The trophy tom that I was able to harvest was my best so far, with a 10.5” beard and one inch spurs! This particular lone gobbler finally answered the fourth call that I tried (my favorite box call) and after answering once more, went totally silent. As Gene Nunnery described in his now out-of-print book, ‘The Old Pro Turkey Hunter’, “ the silent old gobbler, who refuses to answer a call will be among the best turkeys you will harvest. “

Instead of trying to fill our second turkey tag, Sherry and I elected to spend some time visiting a few of the many amazing sights and historic places that the beautiful Flint Hills have to offer. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that the local sweet grass fed beef was truly world class!

Our last night spent on Twin Lakes hunting property was extremely memorable as we watched turkeys flying up to roost under a rising full moon accompanied by the sounds of coyotes howling and barred owls hooting. I can still hear the echoing shock gobbling made by the roosted Toms in reply. Hope to make it back to Council Grove soon. Our special thanks to you and your family for sharing this unique heritage with us.

Scott and Sherry Haeger

Snohomish, Washington
May 26, 2008

By: Scott Haeger, Washington

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