Hunter Testimonials

I hunted the second week of the KS firearms season with John at Twin Lakes Trophy Hunting in Council Grove. I booked the trip after seeing the pictures of Gerry's giant deer on his website. When I arrived it was 64 degrees, and balmy. Asking about the hunting, I was told "it's been tough, only one buck in the 170" class, and a few in the 150" class opening week." Tough? Sounds pretty good to me. Well, it got tough. The next morning on the stand, the wind chill was 17 degrees and blowing. I went two and a half days without seeing a deer. I moved to a different stand on the third day and saw a spike and a couple of does. Even a fool gets lucky once in awhile. In the last hour of the third day, I managed to take a very nice buck that measured in the low 150's green. By far my largest buck ever. I feel that by putting in the time on the stand, the deer gods finally took pity on me. It was a hunt I will never forget, and have already rebooked for 2008.

John Minor
Overland Park KS

By: John Minor, Kansas City

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