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I wanted to send you a note of ďThanksĒ for the extra special care you took of Mark & me. I know that we posed somewhat of a challenge for you. Itís not often that you have two guys come on a hunt on completely different ends of the turkey hunting spectrum. For Mark, it was his first turkey hunt while for me it was a chance to be guided, rather then doing the guiding.

Mark was so appreciative of the time you took in assisting him in taking two big toms and all he learned and how patient you were with him. He not only took two big birds, but also learned a great deal. Excepting the last day when he was snoring away in the truck while we hunted! For me, it was great to chare notes on our experiences on other hunts, and your help in my getting my two birds.

Iíve hunted birds all over the country and have taken all 4 subspecies in the U.S. & I would say that the hunt I had with you was one of the most memorable Iíve ever had, in numbers of quality birds, scenery, land access, and your knowledge as well. I canít wait to get back down there again! If anyone ever wants a reference, or would like to hear from me directly please have them get in touch with me. They can rest assured that lack of success wonít be because the birds arenít there or any inabilities on your part.

Thanks again,
Mike North
South Dakota

By: Mike North, South Dakota

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